Bush The Killer Diagnosed as Crazy

Bush Diagnosed as Crazy
Comment by Larry Ross, January 1, 2006

Over 3 years ago, when this article was written, Bush was diagnosed as a dry alcoholic, with probably permanent damage to his brain cells and thinking processes due to at least 20 years of hard drinking.
All the symptoms of crazy, twisted thinking and refusal to consider constructive criticism of what he wants to do, are evidence of serious mental problems. With his spoilt but distant upbringing, he believes he is entitled to do as he pleases. This is reinforced by his born-again Christian Fundamentalism. He believes he was chosen by God to lead the United States; that he gets advice from God; and that what he does is both inspired and sanctioned by God. He does not accept criticisms of this doctrine.

Within this belief system, delusional though it may be, any lie and any crime is okay if it facilitates God's will. They are not really crimes. The U.S. Constitution and International law don't apply to Bush.(Bush's twisted and distorted reasoning is always interpreted as God's will and therefor divinely inspired his followers believe)

Remember that George Bush's God is a very angry and violent Old Testament God who demanded instant obedience and worship. He thought nothing of slaughtering his enemies on grounds that would be unacceptable today.

Bush, who follows this God, believes and does the same. The fact that he is still in office, is evidence that millions of Americans believe in the same God and belief systems. So Bush's crazy and potentially suicidal for humanity behaviour is "divinely sanctioned" some people think. That makes it okay, so they gave him a second term in 2004. (He got enough votes and was able to fake the rest).

What this shows is that many Americans can be quite comfortable with Bush and automatically forgive him his crimes, so long as their particular life is not too adversely affected. Their reality is only what happens to their own family, their pocket book, neighbourhood, sports, amusements,celebrities, etc. The mass media is mainly supportive of Bush lies, crimes and wars. They tell the people what to think and what not to think. That's what the people buy.

Even so, Bush's popularity has sunk to an all-time low. Americans are beginning to wake up, but not to the most frightening facts. The media is finding it more difficult to fool the public, distract them and cover-up for Bush. But his mental problems and deficiencies, extreme dangers to the world, and major crimes remain unexposed and not discussed. The mass media have ruled such topics out-of-bounds' so to speak.

Thus if another 9/11 (supposedly terrorist) event conveniently happens in 2006, most Americans will believe Bush's explanation, endlessly repeated by the mass media. His previous big lies to make war on Iraq, widely known, will be virtually forgotten.

A terrorist event would rescue Bush from the trash bin, facilitate his next war against Iran who he would blame (no proofs needed), and spur onward the neocon plan for global empire..

This article and others under Psychopathology of Bushism, present a comprehensive portrait of Bush's mental condition and symptoms.

I invite readers to circulate this and other articles as part of the effort to expose and stop Bush before it is too late.
Larry Ross
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